The Sunday Struggle


Roughly calculated I reckon I’ve been in around 1,872 Sunday morning church meetings in my lifetime! Different experiences, all unique, imperfect and incredible. From living rooms in Coventry to lavish orthodox gatherings in Athenian buildings, I’ve met with my Father, been loved on, welcomed and caught another glimmer of the many faceted God through each unique pocket of people.

I believe in the gathering of God’s people; whether large or small, coffee shop or school hall, community is important. There’s something so real, so vibrant, so holy when we embrace the potential of God’s company of lovers lavishing praise, honour and affection upon Him, together.

This passion for the Church has grown in me, been nurtured and drawn out of me by those near and far. This ‘I.can.not.keep.silent.’ cry from my heart lingers in the air through each season of my life, and it looks different year to year. Forming, changing and emerging like the magnificent monarch leaving its cocoon.

And this passion wasn’t left in the delivery room when God brought my children into His world. The call and ‘spoken out’ adventure over my life didn’t expel like a final breath as Dave cut the umbilical cord separating each of our four children from their 9 month life source. If anything it became greater.

So I’m calling out to every Sunday morning mother who’s thought ‘why do I bother coming?’

I need you to see the worth and the power in connection; whether finger tips touching or group hugging affection. Life source to power force we’re ultimately entwined; spirit binding, commonality finding, to you I am assigned.

I know that Sunday after Sunday is an epic tale of ‘get up and out’ and success is marked by your children wearing matching socks. You get home and realise you didn’t speak to one person, your three year old was hanging from your leg and getting tangled up in your stretchy wrap encasing the baby who has been feeding constantly since 10.30am. Missing naps and endless snacks mark your day of rest but mama I know you’re doing your best.

I know how ‘worship’ can be an endless cacophony of  ‘shhhh’s’ and rushes to the nearest convenient spot to place the potty because life doesn’t stop on a Sunday. As you lift your arm to ‘surrender all’ you’re hit by a crayon and the loose lidded sippy cup takes another fall.

And I also see your little one snuggle in close as you sing and sway, arms aching – heart swelling. I see you pull in your distracted eight year old and ruffle his hair as he mumbles the words from the screen. I see your tears as God reaches into the depths of your longing soul and continues to make you whole.

I need you to know that motherhood shapes a generation, it breathes life into our changing culture and form beyond this local congregation.This is not just a passing season and a quest to stay alive; this is our day and our moment to thrive.

I want to shout loud like a cheerleader declaring victory, ‘you’re doing amazing’. I need to tell you it’s all ok and we’re all walking this together; the stress, the mess and this seeming test; you’re not alone. I want to look into your face and tell you we need you. The Church needs your ache, your tired eyes, your listening heart, your warm smile, your incredible strength and tenacity, the Words He whispered to you at 3am, the song in the shower and what you’ve been bursting to share for the last hour.

So the next Sunday you spend sipping on cold tea and clearing up the polystyrene cup your five year old just shredded, look around at those who love and celebrate you…oh and make sure your coffee is fully leaded!

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Struggle

  1. Thank you for this beautifully written blog, I cannot count how many times I have left church having it heard a word of the sermon thinking why do I bother, but I know that this is just a season and more importantly God sees my heart. Thank you for reminding me that even the smallest contribution, kind word or heartfelt embrace has the power to change the life of another for Gods glory xx

    1. Thanks Rachel – and amen! Our time with God’s people is always significant, and all for HIs glory! You’re doing a great job mama! Thanks for your encouragement x x

  2. Great article Leah, I was only taking to some parents about this last week whilst trying to feed ruby outside of the Sunday meeting so we don’t ruin the carpet. Also the more experience I have in different jobs the more I have come to realise that we (the church) haven’t really changed how and when we meet, for decades if not centuries. Jobs and working times have changed, roles and responsibilities, expectations of people, education and work life balance have all changed but for some reason we seem to hold on to a Sunday morning as the main meeting and now as a father of three this is actually when I communicate with people the least. Playgroups, friends houses, midweek groups are my ‘main meeting’s.’ in terms of enjoying people and corporate worship. The best thing about Sunday is spending time with my children who I have not seen a huge amount of due to working in the week.

    1. Thanks for this Ben – church is so vast and wide and you’re right, we need to lead and explore all the possibilities through all seasons of life! Thanks for commenting friend 🙂

    1. Oh Natasha; there’s always hope – praying you’ll know the closeness of God at this time and the right people to come around you and support you in your journey.

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